Course Fees Information 2019

All students are required to pay their course fee directly to the University. New students are required to pay the course fee stated in the Letter of Offer. Existing students will need to download your Course Fee Invoice from e-student and make full payment on or before the due date for each semester as stated on the Fee Invoice.


Below are the steps to download Fee Invoices:

  1. Go to Curtin Malaysia Website at curtin.edu.my .
  2. Click on E-Student and login using your User ID and Password.
  3. Go to My Documents at the menu bar.
  4. Choose Start Date (e.g. 01/12/2017) and End Date (e.g. 30/06/2018).
  5. List of documents and invoices within the chosen time frame will appear in a table format.
  6. Select Invoice Report and Click on View Attachments to open the file. You will have the option to either print it or save it.


Usually Fee Invoices will be available in                      :

  • 4-5 weeks before commencement of class – for Foundation and Undergraduate Programs
  • 2-3 weeks before commencement of class – for IEP, Summer School, Postgraduate by Coursework Programs


Fees are calculated on the basis of unit enrolment. It is the responsibility of students to ensure that your fee payment is received and cleared by the University before payment due date to avoid incurring a late payment penalty or having a financial sanction placed on your accounts and/or risk your enrolment being cancelled.


Should students have any queries or face any problem accessing your Fee Invoices in your e-student account, please contact us at:

E-mail: finance@curtin.edu.my                  Telephone: +60-85-630021


Or visit the Cashier’s Office situated at Ground Floor, Heron 1 (next to Student Services Department) from 8:30am – 4pm, Monday to Friday (except Public Holiday).


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Local Student International Student

Foundation & Continuing Programmes

Intensive English Programme (IEP) 2,575 per term 4,403 per term
Foundation Programmes 17,100 per annum 24,800 per annum
Pre-University English ** 2,137.50 per unit 3,100 per unit

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Commerce / Business Administration 22,400 per annum 31,880 per annum
Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management) 27,672 per annum 40,120 per annum
Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication) 22,400 per annum 32,576 per annum
Bachelor of Engineering 29,696 per annum 42,672 per annum
Bachelor of Technology 22,300 per annum 32,240 per annum
Bachelor of Science (Applied Geology) 29,800 per annum 42,672 per annum
Bachelor of Science (Science Computing) 28,264 per annum 40,120 per annum

Postgraduate Programmes

Master of Commerce 3,275 per unit * 4,694 per unit *
Master of International Business 3,964 per unit * 5,007 per unit *
Graduate Certificate / Graduate Diploma (Project Management) 3,275 per unit * 4,311 per unit *
Master of Science (Project Management) 3,275 per unit * 4,311 per unit *
Master of Policy Sciences 3,964 per unit * 5,357 per unit *
Master of Petroleum Engineering 5,316 per unit* 7,350 per unit *
Master of Engineering Management 5,316 per unit* 7,350 per unit*
Master of Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering) 4,233 per unit * 5,989 per unit *
Master of Philosophy (By Research) (Media, Culture and Creative Arts) 25,552 per annum 34,800 per annum
Master of Philosophy (By Research) (Business) 26,284 per annum 35,336 per annum
Master of Philosophy (By Research) (Engineering) 28,700 per annum 35,336 per annum
Doctor of Philosophy (By Research) (Business) 28,700 per annum 42,768 per annum
Doctor of Philosophy (By Research) (Engineering) 28,700 per annum 42,768 per annum

Per unit of 25 credit points

** This English module/units is to be undertaken by Foundation students who do not meet the English entry requirement for the Foundation programmes but have IELTS (overall). It will be undertaken concurrently with their Foundation units.

International Students

Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance (for international students – compulsory) 715 per annum
Hospitalization Deposit (Refundable) 500
International Student Registration fee (Not Refundable) 300
Student Visa Stamping Fee (Not Refundable) 20
Security Deposits (Refundable) ** Variable

* An international student is someone who is neither a Malaysian nor a permanent resident of Malaysia.

** International students are required to provide in favour of Curtin (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., a security deposit of a sum roughly equivalent to a one way airfare back to their home country. The value is determined in part by the Malaysian Immigration Department, and also by Curtin University, on country by country basis and subject to changes in international airfares. The latest updated figure for your country will be listed in your offer letter.

Important notes

All the above course fees are exclude textbooks, accommodation and other study materials.
– Course fees (shown in Ringgit Malaysia) are based on a normal full-time work load of 200 credits per year unless otherwise stated. Students studying more than 200 credits per year will have a higher annual course fee. The course fee is calculated and charged on a semester basis.
A student should expect that the indicative semester course fee, as shown on the Letter of Offer, might vary from the actual course fee according to the units (subjects) undertaken. The indicative fee is just a guide as to what the course fee will be, until semester enrolment is completed.

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