Fee Instalment Plan

  1. Fee Instalment Plan (FIP) is offered to both Malaysian students (new and current) and International students (current only), who are not scholarship holders, for all courses except HDR and IEP programs. The University shall levy a premium of 4% of the total course fee per semester/ trimester if students wish to participate in FIP.  Students’ account with the University shall be debited with the said premium once FIP application is accepted by the University.  The rate of premium may be changed from time to time at the absolute discretion of the University.

  2. Students’ course fees (excluding MPU units) plus premium are to be paid in 3 equal instalments within the duration of a semester/ trimester. The FIP participation is only accepted by the University if the 1st instalment has been paid no later than the application due date or upon submission of the FIP form.
  3. The said premium amount may be adjusted (increased or reduced) in the event of any addition / dropping of subjects within the specified deadlines published by the Student Services of the University.

  4. Past due charges from a previous semester/ trimester cannot be included in the current FIP.

  5. MPU/MOHE units (applicable for Undergraduate Degree students) are not included in the FIP and must be paid before the payment due date or late payment penalty (RM100) will be imposed by the University.
  6. An additional late payment penalty of RM 50 for Foundation or RM 100 (Degree and Postgraduate) per installment will be imposed by the University for instalment received after the due date. At the same time, access to certain campus facilities may also be barred including sitting for the final examination if students’ account remains outstanding.

  7. Prior participation – A new application must be submitted every semester/ trimester. Participation in FIP does not carry over from semester to semester or trimester to trimester. Student must apply for the FIP every semester/ trimester.

  8. The University reserves the rights to review and alter any terms and conditions herein from time to time at the absolute discretion of the University.

  9. The University reserves the right to terminate or end the FIP at any time the University deems fit and in the event that University decides to terminate or end the FIP, all outstanding fees become payable forthwith without any notice or demand to students and students must forthwith and immediately pay all outstanding to the University.

Download the fee instalment form from the following links: